Compact and highly flexible
Snakky is the first snack vending machine made by Necta with a height
of only 1700 mm, however, can be increased to 1830 mm by fitting the 
optional lift-up kit. The compact Snakky offers the ideal refreshment
service to medium size locations and sites where space is limited, due to
its size and innovative design. Side panels provide a useful hot-air outlet,
which allows the Snakky to be placed against a wall without damaging
the cooling unit, thus saving 10 cm from the machine depth. However,
it is still possible to have the air outlet from the back panel if preferred.


The Snakky is pre-set for the installation of systems with Executive
and MDB protocol as well as for the installation of validators.
At the same time the following can be fitted:
- Change-giver, validator or coin mechanism.
- Bill acceptor.
- Cashless system with key or card.
There are pre-cut panels to facilitate the above.
Photocell kit
Coin box lid kit
Lift-up kit
Kit for dispensing 0.5 litre bottles in upright position
Wall fixing brackets kit
Bidirectional drawer motors kit (for dispensing long products)
Master/slave connection kit
Rear panel kit (rear cover for Snakky/Snakky SL & Kikko installation)
RS232 jack kit 
Keypad protection kit
4 direct selection buttons kit

Height 1700 mm*
Width 707 mm
Depth 860 mm
Overall depth with door open 1335 mm
Weight 190 kg ca.
Power supply voltage 230 V
Power supply frequency 50 Hz
Absorbed power 345 W
Maximum operating conditions 32°C - 65% R. H

6 snack trays
27 selections / 338 products

3 snack trays
14 selections / 185 products
1 bottle tray
6 selections / 36 products
2 can trays
12 selections / 72 products

For each hour of stand-by 151 Wh

Snakky has an ergonomic delivery bin (patented) with anti-theft device
and slow closing movement, using a damper
The delivery bin is very sturdy and the clever
design allows each dispensed product to be
clearly visible and easily collected.
The new single block slide-in/slide-out cooling
unit requires minimum maintenance, due to the
new wire-type condenser (household use),
and is simple to remove.
The payment systems and electronic board
are located inside a separate slide-out
compartment with independent access
allowing operators to work in this area without
affecting the temperature inside the product
holding compartment. Snakky offers the option
of dispensing 0.5 litre PET bottles, placed upside down,
without the use of any accessory.

• Numeric membrane keypad with 12 keys + 4 direct selection buttons (option).
• Tilted alphanumeric display, with 2 lines of 16 characters, allowing clear and complete messages to be viewed.
• A sound signal indicates a completed vend cycle.
• The ergonomic delivery bin opens outwards allowing products to be easily picked up – even with one hand

The Snakky has been designed to co-ordinate with the Kikko drinks machine to offer a complete vending
solution. However, looks stunning on its own or located next to other 1830 mm high machines, when fitted with
the optional lift up kit. With its rounded shape, glass front door (with anodised aluminium frame and ergonomic
grooves for easy grip) and stylish foot cover panel the Snakky offers a stylish vending solution to medium size
locations. Although compact, the Snakky offers flexibility and can dispense a large number of products
including snacks, cans, bottles and Tetra-pak containers.
The temperature of Snakky can be uniform (7-9°C min.), set via the software, or stratified (7-9°C approx.
in the lower trays, 12-15°C in the upper trays), achieved by adjusting the airflow from the grille which is
fitted as standard.
The 16-bit electronic control with incorporated flash EPROM is extremely flexible and compatible with
the PC application “Flash”. Through a palmtop with RS232 connection or the Up-Key. The Snakky can be
banked alongside the Kikko and/or Snakky SL, using master or slave mode, which allows both machines
to share a single payment system.